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As the clinical affiliate of the Lupus Research Alliance, Lupus Therapeutics is dedicated to advancing clinical research and care to benefit the diverse lupus community. Inclusive clinical research is vital to continue efforts to find additional safe and effective diagnostics, treatments, care models, and one day a cure.

In addition to efforts to support clinical research, the LRA is committed to ensuring that individuals living with lupus receive appropriate care, which may include access to clinical trials. Therefore, the Lupus Therapeutics Healthcare Provider Directory™ was created to allow for individuals to find providers that specialize in lupus and may also be involved in clinical research.

Clinical Care: Lupus Therapeutics Health Care Provider Directory™

Lupus Therapeutics has developed a first-of-its-kind, proprietary, Healthcare Provider Directory™. The Directory is a valuable resource for people who are seeking lupus clinical care, access to clinical trials and knowledge about possible providers. Also featured are details on each provider so those living with lupus can find the best partner for their care.

Clinical Trials

Connect directly to clinical trial centers. Your voice will help researchers develop new therapeutic options that are safe, effective, and accessible to all people with lupus.

Clinical Trial Process

New treatments undergo a rigorous development and review process prior to being available to those living with lupus. There are four phases to the standard clinical development process, starting with laboratory research, progressing to preclinical research and then, if previous stages are successful, on to clinical investigation.