Patient & Community Engagement

Join Our Search for New Lupus Treatments

We’re on a mission to change the future of lupus clinical research, and we need your help! Your involvement could lead to more therapy options that better address the unique ways that lupus can affect people like you. No matter where you are on your journey, you can help us find the next big breakthrough. Every voice matters and can make a difference in improving the research process.

Patient Advisory Boards (PABs)

By participating in a virtual or in-person PAB, you can provide valuable feedback on clinical trial design and communications to ensure people with lupus benefit from new treatments.

Patient Protocol Review Council

Those who participate in the Patient Protocol Review Council help our partners develop and update their clinical research trial designs and materials to be inclusive and acceptable to people with lupus.

Peer-to-Peer Education

Patient Advocates for Lupus Studies (PALS) is the first-ever peer-to-peer clinical trial education program. The PALS program aims to increase awareness, participation, and diversity in lupus clinical trials.

Community Based Health Equity Initiatives

We’re spearheading several community-based initiatives to improve access to clinical trials, increase participation rates among diverse communities, and improve health equity for people with lupus.