The Lupus Clinical Investigators Network (LuCIN)

Lupus Therapeutics created LuCIN, a novel network of leading academic institutions in North America, to help move clinical trials forward faster for sponsors and ensure enrolled patients receive the best overall care and achieve the best outcomes.

The network is comprised of 57 of the world’s most reputable academic research medical centers and leverages the expertise of more than 200 experienced clinician-scientists to help treat more than 25,000 lupus patients.

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Our Goals

LuCIN clinicians collaborate with our biopharmaceutical company partners to identify the most promising lupus treatments and conduct clinical trials to evaluate their safety and effectiveness. The investigators and other specialized personnel within LuCIN have deep expertise in planning and conducting clinical research into lupus diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment. LuCIN is supported by Lupus Therapeutics and the Lupus Research Alliance.

Through LuCIN, we seek to:

Improve patient access to promising new lupus therapies and diagnostics from our industry partners

Centralize expertise in lupus study design

Improve existing outcomes measures

Develop novel biomarkers

Archive clinical data and biospecimens to expand the scope of scientific inquiry

Help train and mentor new clinical research investigators

Our Value

Combining LuCIN with Lupus Therapeutics’ full suite of resources and capabilities – including consultative and study start-up services –streamlines the research process, resulting in earlier trial fielding, expedited patient enrollment, and faster trial completion.

While clinical research organizations (CROs) generally reach out to community-based hospitals for access to their patient populations, Lupus Therapeutics developed this novel network of leading academic institutions to ensure all patients receive the best care. Lupus-focused academic centers contacted by CROs frequently refer them to Lupus Therapeutics because of our established contracts and ecosystem of relationships.