Patient Advisory Boards (PABs)

PABs help to better incorporate the patient voice, preferences, and community needs in the development of important new therapies. People living with lupus will ultimately benefit from any new treatment, and we therefore believe their insights should be sought as early and often as possible during the research and development process.

PABs can be held as a one-time service to address a question, or ideally, they can be formed as a council to serve for the duration of a study. Lupus Therapeutics has the capabilities to recruit, manage contracting and screening, report feedback, and serve as a conduit between PAB members and research organizations.

By participating in a PAB either in-person or virtually, patients can provide valuable feedback on many aspects of clinical trials and research, including:

Protocol and study design

Study synopses

Assessment schedules

Informed consent form content and design

Study communications (e.g., patient recruitment materials)

Packaging and design of study drugs

Clinical trial technologies and procedures

Other study specific materials (e.g., post-trial communications)