Patient Engagement and Insights

As the organization that innovated the unique Patient Advocates for Lupus Studies (PALS), a pilot peer-to-peer clinical trial education initiative, Lupus Therapeutics knows the importance of diverse patient expertise, perspective and input on the design and success of lupus clinical trials.

Patient Advisory Board (PAB) Services

Patient Advisory Boards (PABs) better incorporate the patient voice, preferences, and community needs in the development of important new therapies. People living with lupus are the one who will ultimately benefit from any new treatment, and we believe their insight should be sought as early as possible. Lupus Therapeutics understands that to be patient centric you must co-create with patients and having a PAB for clinical trials moves the drug development process in that direction.

PABs can be conducted as a one-time service to address one question, or ideally, they can be formed as a council and serve for the duration of a study.  PABs can be conducted both virtually and in-person. Lupus Therapeutics has the capabilities to recruit, manage contracting and screening, reporting feedback and serving as a conduit between PAB members and research organizations.

Our PABs provide valuable feedback on many aspects of clinical trials and research, including:  

The Patient Protocol Review Council

The Patient Protocol Review Council is a group established by Lupus Therapeutics to provide patient commentary and feedback to pharmaceutical companies on their lupus clinical research. The Council is meant to provide insight into the study from the perspective of a patient as early as possible, and before the  protocol is finalized. Through the combined early feedback of both key scientific leaders and patients, the goal is to develop a protocol that is both scientifically sound, and is acceptable to the lupus patient population so it easier for participants.

Members of the Lupus Therapeutics Patient Protocol Review Council must apply to and be selected.

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